Lewisville white bass fishing report Jan-2019

After a couple months of steady and cold rain we ended up with several feet of high water.  This made the fishing inconsistent for just about everything.  Just within the last week both Lakes Ray Roberts and Lewisville have settled and are at normal pool.  This is great news for fishermen because it really settles the fish and provides us consistency.  Consider that Ray Roberts is not dumping millions of gallons of water a day into Lewisville any longer.  Sweet!!!

The past week we have been out in deep water focusing on white bass.  We are catching them using a tandem set up using a method called dead sticking.  Its a lot like crappie fishing so it takes patience and quick reflexes.  Easy limits have been coming over the side of the boat and most of the fish are healthy females fattening up for the spawn.  We are using an electric thumper to make noise at the surface that attracts the fish.  It looks and sounds ridiculous but it puts fish int he boat so you won’t hear me complaining. You gotta check this thing out.  The thumper looks like a nifty high school science project…

I expect our spawn to be a little early this year considering the water temps.  We haven’t had a really cold winter, and at the moment we are seeing temps in the 50’s.

Soon I’ll start working crappie in the shallows under slip corks.  That is by far my favorite way to catch the larger females.  Many personal best crappie weights were broken on my boat last year.  I expect a lot of the same considering that this year the lake level is at full pool.

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