Fall Lake Lewisville crappie fishing report

Lately we have been finding our crappie back in the feeder creeks that annually hold lots of baitfish as the water temps start to drop.  You can catch them in a variety of ways, but my favorite is slip bobber fishing using a minnow about 3′ down.  What it does is give you something visual to look at.  Just toss it next to the timber and brush on the banks of any feeder creek on lake lewisville. This technique is ideal for fishermen with less experience.  Not to mention its something you can recreate by yourself on the bank without me afterwards.  Another good way is to get them in the deep holes and on submerged timber in the creek channels.  We are using 1/8th oz unpainted sickle hook jigs heads matched with either chartreuse and black, or chartreuse/purple jig bodies from Mr Crappie.  I prefer the joker style.

If your into cat fishing we have has some success drift fishing cut bait as well as bobber fishing them under trees where the cormorants have been roosting.  Experienced cat fishermen call this style plopping.  I haven’t done a ton of it but its pretty fun.


Here are some recent photos.  I’ll do my best about posting fishing reports more often.




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